USA admitted to creating UFOs

Since UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, a wide variety of entities fall into this category, from rare meteorological phenomena to flying vehicles, which are difficult to identify. American journalists even found a separate device that could be responsible for a significant number of unusual phenomena in the air.

This is the technology of the US Navy

a special laser that creates two- and three-dimensional plasma images in the air. It is noted that for an outside observer, they may look exactly like UFOs.

USA admitted to creating UFOs

In fact, the device is designed to protect aircraft from homing missiles. It is noteworthy that the phantom targets created by this laser can move at high speed, be displayed on thermal imagers and other control devices.

Perhaps many UFO videos published on the Web.

especially when it comes to recordings from the cameras of American military pilots, demonstrate the work of this particular technology. However, this explanation is unlikely to satisfy conspiracy theorists and ufologists around the world. Rather, they will see the publication as an attempt to “hide the truth” from the public and to find an acceptable excuse.

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