A video circulating on social networks risks putting Houston Rockets basketball player James Harden in the deepest embarrassment.
Like Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins last Sunday, Harden may have recently visited a stripper bar. At least that’s what the sequence suggests, which must also be reviewed by the organization of the Rockets.
If the events reported have unfolded recently, the club star may have to miss the season’s opening game against the Oklahomoa City Thunder on Wednesday.

Indeed, in the video broadcast on the site “Black Sports Online”, the famous athlete with the beard provided appears without a mask during a Christmas party. Among other things, we see him handling a suitcase in a visibly busy place. A message explains at the bottom of the screen that the item is intended for a friend of Harden’s.
Having asked to be traded, the Rockets player has been at the center of rumors for several weeks. In addition, NBA rules prohibit players from going to bars or similar establishments, nor from participating in gatherings with more than 15 people.

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