Non-compliant masks distributed in childcare services are withdrawn

The Ministry of the Family is removing procedural masks distributed for months throughout the network of educational childcare services (SGEE) that have been declared non-compliant.

On its Facebook page, the Union of Workers of the CPEs of Montreal and Laval-CSN pinned the message to this effect sent by the ministry to childcare centers, subsidized daycares, non-subsidized daycares as well as to coordinating offices.
“The Ministry of the Family was informed on December 22, 2020, that the Robert-Sauvé Research Institute in Occupational Health and Safety (IRSST) determined that the MC9501 masks are non-compliant, which were provided by the Ministry of Health and Social Services and distributed in the network of educational childcare services (SGEE) between the months of May and November, ”we read in the government letter.

“One of the three analysis criteria did not fully meet the requirements. You are therefore asked to immediately stop using the MC9501 masks (inscription on the box). ”
Contacted by the QMI Agency, the president of the Union of Workers of the CPEs of Montreal and Laval-CSN, Carole Leroux, indicated that she had been informed of the situation on Tuesday evening. She confirmed that the ministry’s opinion relates only to MC9501 masks, recommending that child care workers check the number that is written on the boxes of the masks they use to avoid wearing the non-compliant masks.

Other masks, delivered between December 14 and 16 in the home childcare coordinating offices (BC), “must be used”, specifies the message of the ministry made public by the union. “These new masks are safe and they meet all of the IRSST’s requirements. The BCs are still in charge of ensuring the distribution of the material to all the EMSs in their territory. ”

“Rest assured that the ministry will ensure that all SGEEs have at their disposal sufficient procedural masks for the coming months, and this, from the next delivery (scheduled for mid-January 2021)”, mentions the message of the ministry.

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